Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pawleys Island Sales and the Goat at the End of the Street

So pleased to sell two more prints of "Breakers, Pawleys Island", and "Marsh View, Pawley's Island". Interestingly enough, my last sale was prints of these two paintings. My painting experience is becoming more and more intense as I find it so difficult to attend to my other responsibilities each day. I always feel like I am screaming for more time. Sometimes a friend gets me out of the studio for a while. I would probably flip if she didn't do that.

The older I get the more obsessed I become with sales. It is great to sell prints but I want to sell the originals as well. I hope the internet will continue to improve my sales.

My neighbor down the street in this Radford City suburb has goats and chickens. I don't know him but I hear he is working on a doctorate and makes violins! I have done a lot of paintings to the sounds of dogs, crying babies, and loud children but now I paint to Nyahh, Nyahh, Nyahh.

What an interesting artist's life I have!

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