Friday, March 26, 2010

Alan by Our Window in California

My favorite new painting, "Alan by Our Window" is now in a wonderful patron's home in California. I now have two paintings in California along with paintings in thirteen other states. It is great to find homes for my creations. I scanned this painting directly into my computer before mailing it and the scanned version is warmer colored than the one I took with my Nikon.

If I sell the other small paintings I have on ebay right now I will scan them in also. I am newriverartist on ebay. It is great to have huge files for Then patrons can get an archival prints on paper or canvas in small or large sizes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Burning Shore on Ebay Tonight

I have just completed another one of my small gem series that I am very proud of. It will be posted on ebay this evening. This painting is quite an achievement of intricate brushwork and color contrast. I am often told that my work reminds them of Van Gogh. I greatly admire the burning color he used that is both passionate and energetic. Nature really does grip one by the throat which, in so many words, is something he said about his painting experience. Be sure to check it out along with a number of other works. Time to do something else besides paint. That isn't easy but I do think I will flip if I don't take breaks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alan by Our Window and Other Small Gems

The painting of Alan at two is now on ebay and I am going to post it here. I am excited about this little gem. I enter a lot of online contest in and recently tied for first place in one. I have won a number of the contests. I am going to look for other online competitions that are juried by prominent members of the art world. I want this painting to be seen by others that understand the accomplishment of intricate brushwork.

I have won awards from artists I respect but it has been a while since my work was judged by well known artists. I am only an adjunct teacher at Radford University so I don't feel obligated to suffer the steep costs involved in national and international competitions. The shipping alone has become outrageous.

I am also excited about two evening scenes I am doing of a local lake and a shore scene. Modulating warm and cool colors always keeps me going. My studio, Towhee Hill Studio is open to the public 3-5 Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment. Call ahead in case of emergency. 540-257-3437

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bringing Back a Moment

I just completed a small painting of my twenty-five year old son Alan when he was two. The painting was done from part of an old photograph of him looking out the window of our apartment to the grass below. He often did this with such an intent look on his face.

With this painting I reached back in time and captured a visual experience that is infinitely more expressive and emotive than the photograph. When I look at the painting with it's strong brushwork and compelling color contrast I am so happy that I took up painting many years ago. It is a mystical experience that energizes my days and gives me purpose.

I wish I could upload it now but it is extremely wet. I am going to photograph it tomorrow and place it on ebay. I want to spread my excitement and joy throughout the world. I am now in fourteen states and counting.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I recently mailed out paintings to Arizona, Texas, and New Jersey! It is so important to me to sell my work. I want to find homes for them. I like having them around but I want others share my joy in creating them. Now I have paintings in fourteen states and hope to keep adding to that number! The three paintings are "Blooming Apple", "Secluded Brook", and "Blue Ridge Wildflowers".