Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where is "A Memory"

What a day! Everything has gone wrong. I haven't had time to paint and to top it all off I just discovered that one of my large paintings has disappeared. I have been trying to track it down but the last time it was out was at a gallery but they said I picked it up. I have a reasonably good image on my website where patrons can obtain different size prints but I am worried that it is not clear enough. I will try to modify it on aperture but I have a feeling I will only be able to offer small prints.

I hate to lose a painting. I can't figure out what happened. Years ago when I was a student one of my paintings was stolen. I hope the person wanted the painting and didn't gesso over it for their own use.

Anyway, if you have seen this painting, please send me an email on my site,
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Color, Color, and More Color

I am so excited with my new anything goes approach to painting. I am doing some paintings totally from my imagination based on images that I have seen. I am reacting to the color in much the way the Abstract Expressionists did but with representational forms.

My paintings keep me going in a world of disasters. I read the other day that Henry Ford once said that History is one damn thing after another. I wish everyone would take the study of History more seriously. Of course we repeat the same mistakes since many think the study of History is unimportant. What could be more important?

Please check out what makes my life wonderful on ebay. Just put Kendall Kessler in the search. Also check out

This painting is "Clouds over Buffalo Mountain".

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smith Mountain Lake Ending this Evening on ebay

I thoroughly enjoyed working on a boat scene from Smith Mountain Lake. When I was young I spent a lot of time with my father fishing and crabbing on the Rehoboth Bay and the Chesapeake Bay. I have always enjoyed looking at boats.

This painting has a sensitive, colorful surface with small brushwork that makes for a varied surface that I am very proud of. My paintings are for people that appreciate a continual change in color and texture. They are complex, sensual, positive reflections of life. There is so much sadness and tragedy in the world. My paintings are positive assertions of what is good in life.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

COLOR FLOW Ending today on ebay!

I am so pleased with the work I am turning out lately. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders as I just let the paint go and knock off all of the pre-conceived notions I have about process, public appeal, and style.

I had gotten to the point in my development after learning so many things about oil paint that it was becoming hard to just relax and enjoy what I do. I am back to that initial joy of handling the medium and I am truly coming into my own.

The world must see what I do. I must sell these works so they can live on their own. Be sure to check out "Color Flow" on ebay before the auction ends tonight. It is a feast of color and sensuous texture. A treasure.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

I am so proud of "Cozy"

Yesterday I completed a sumptuous painting with an exceptionally intricate system of brushstrokes. When I was young I didn't quite understand why art books would show close-ups of a tiny portion of a painting. I know now that the purpose is to show the complexity of the visual integration of the visual elements the artist has achieved in the work.

My paintings have become so complex that the rag I wipe my brush on has an incredible number of colors and nuances of color. Painting is such an exciting experience for hard-working disciplined artists. I wish I could make my living at it rather than just part of it but the most important thing is to create and I will never quit.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Joys and Aggravations of Painting

Yesterday I was crestfallen when I took my brush and wiped out a painting that just wouldn't turn out. Painting is always a crap shoot. It doesn't matter how talented an artist is, how much training the artist has, or how dedicated he or she is. It is always a difficult balancing act. On the same day I was ready to tear my hair out another painting worked out great! One of the best surfaces I have ever achieved on a painting! Go figure

I am trying more and more to get attention for my work. I work like a fiend and would like to be compensated for my efforts. Be sure to check out my work at Also I sell on ebay. Just put Kendall Kessler in the search.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love my scanner!

I mostly paint fairly large oil paintings(30"x40") but I have a wide size range. I especially like to paint 5"x7" oils so I can try different things without using an enormous amount of expensive oil paint or take so much time in the process. Small gems are a great way to explore and create wonderful paintings that I can scan directly into the computer for sites.

I am amazed at how accurate the scan is and huge prints can be made from these little paintings. How great to be able to get a perfectly accurate 40"x60" print on paper of canvas of a 5"x7" painting? I hope someone orders one soon from my site I have sold small and medium prints but no large ones yet. Maybe soon!
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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Live to Paint and Line Dance

Be sure to check out one of my favorite Blue Ridge scenes on ebay today. Blue Ridge Cabin is ending today. I hope someone that truly appreciates this beautiful region will buy it. There is nothing like owning original artwork. When you buy original art you are getting an extension of a person's heart and soul. So much of what we buy comes from a machine. Invest in handmade items. You won't regret it. I own a number of pieces by local artists myself. I wish I had more room for more artwork and my own. I must sell.

I hope everyone will come out to Relay for Life tonight at Randolph Park in Pulaski, VA. I will be there with Cass Long's Line Dancers dancing away for this charitable event. We will be dancing at 7:00. Please join us! We will have some audience participation dances.
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