Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deciding on Paintings for my TV appearance and I don't like staples...

Still very excited about being on TV for the first time!  I hope I don't stutter or knock one of my paintings off of an easel.  I have decided I should take two paintings of the region and one shore scene.  I paint people, places, and things but I concentrate on the beautiful Appalachian mountains and eastern shore scenes.  They are my two favorite subjects and I never tire of them.  The show is The Hour of Joy on My19 out of Roanoke and the host is Joy Sutton who wants to be the next Oprah.

The other day I was complaining to my husband that I might have to get more money out of the bank for weekly expenditures.  I know it is silly, but I don't use ATMs.  I use a check once a week for cash.  I just prefer to have the record of what we use.  This week the car and the doctor took more then usual and I wasn't sure I could get the groceries without getting more out of the bank.  Since I had two group dinner invitations my husband said the grocery bill probably would be pretty low this week.  I told him he would be amazed how much our staples cost.  Of course, he couldn't resist saying he didn't want to eat staples.  When you marry a writer, you really do get punned to death!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looking forward to my TV appearance and If I used pillows...

I am still excited about my TV appearance on My19 out of Roanoke VA this spring!  I am so pleased Joy Sutton asked me to be on her show,"The Hour of Joy" and the tentative date is April 3rd.  The show will be taped January 26th in front of a live audience.  I guess 20 years in front of college students will help me get through this.  My problem, as usual, is I should get ready for this early and pick out the paintings I will bring, but, as always,  I am more concerned with painting.  I have 3 small ones right now that I am achieving certain color and texture effects that I have never achieved before!  Painting is such a fantastic experience!  I will be sure to bring that up on the show.

The other day I was complaining to my nurse friend that sometimes I wake up with soreness in my hip at the ball joint.  I was wondering if my mattress is to blame and she said it could just be age.  Now no one wants to hear that!  She said I could try putting pillows under my legs to alleviate the pressure.  I am such a restless sleeper that I doubt that would help.  When I mentioned that to my husband he said I would have the pillows down his throat before the night is over.  I don't doubt that one bit!

Be sure to check out my canvas print specials on Fine Art America and look for my best-selling print on The Mindy Project Tuesdays at 9:30. There were great shots of it on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th episodes.  Since it is small it is easy to see the whole thing.  I haven't yelled get out of the way once!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Enjoyed Meeting Talk Show host Joy Sutton and This years...

     I had a great time at Joy Sutton's party last Thursday!  She is quite a dynamic lady and wants to be the next Oprah!  I have no doubt she will succeed!  Her show has been renewed for a second season and the time has been moved to 11:00 Sunday mornings.  I am looking forward to being one of her guests this Spring.  My date is tentatively April 3rd!

Don't forget about my drawing, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project 9:30 Tuesday nights on Fox.  There were great shots of it on the 2nd,4th, and 5th episodes!

For many years now I have been buying golden delicious apples instead of the red ones.  They always seemed to be sweeter and firmer.  Lately the ones I have been buying are too tart so I went back to red delicious which I figured would be a big mistake.  Much to my surprise they are great, not mushy, and sweet!  I made that comment to my  husband and he said maybe the stores ran out of last years apples and are selling this year's crop.  What a comment!  Anyway, I'm glad they aren't mushy and low on taste.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sold another Print and This time I will be on TV...

 So glad to sell another print to a great patron in Riner, VA.  This sale was of a cabin at Clayor Lake in Dublin, VA.  Beautiful place!

I am pleased that my drawing,"Reaching Out" is beautifully displayed on Fox's The Mindy Project but now I am very excited  that I will be on My19 out of Roanoke, VA.  Joy Sutton contacted me to ask me to be on her show, The Hour of Joy, which has been renewed for another season.  My appearance will be taped January 26th and the tentative air date is April 3rd.  They are going to set up some of my paintings on easels.  I hope I don't trip!

I was looking at some old photos online of girl in the 40's and thought they looked great!  They didn't look like they hadn't eaten in a week like a lot of models do these days.  Slender is fine but I think we have taken it to extremes.  My husband said if one of those models saw a potato chip in a room they would run out screaming!  I think girls should be allowed to eat just like guys.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

That turned out all right and You will see how well he blocks...

I finished a painting that I thought I had finished a long time ago.  I am pleased that I was able to remember the methods I used then and completed it without making into a different painting.  That is always a very tricky thing to do.  I have completely re-done a few old paintings and was glad I did.  They just needed one more layer for success.  This one just needed a few modifications in a few areas.  Now I am happy with it and will not work on it again - I think.

I think I have mentioned this one about football players before but I am not about to go through all my blogs to find out so bear with me, because I know I have a different punch line.  I'm not much for sports and I can't get into football.  I have the greatest respect for all the effort that goes into games but I would rather do something else.  Last year I was invited to a friend's house to watch the Superbowl and it was the first time I really looked closely at the players.  I was amazed to see that some of the players were overweight with big guts.  I thought the only athletes that were allowed to be fat were suma wrestlers.

Recently I made that comment again to my husband about a player that had quite a protuding gut and was wondering how he could play so well with the extra weight. He said get between him and a cheeseburger and you will see how well he blocks.

Be sure to check out my YouTube videos.  I am especially proud of the one I did on my florals except for the grammar error when I said this paintings instead of these paintings.  I get nervous when I record my voice and make goofy mistakes.  Just put my name in the search!

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