Saturday, November 17, 2012

Enjoyed Meeting Talk Show host Joy Sutton and This years...

     I had a great time at Joy Sutton's party last Thursday!  She is quite a dynamic lady and wants to be the next Oprah!  I have no doubt she will succeed!  Her show has been renewed for a second season and the time has been moved to 11:00 Sunday mornings.  I am looking forward to being one of her guests this Spring.  My date is tentatively April 3rd!

Don't forget about my drawing, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project 9:30 Tuesday nights on Fox.  There were great shots of it on the 2nd,4th, and 5th episodes!

For many years now I have been buying golden delicious apples instead of the red ones.  They always seemed to be sweeter and firmer.  Lately the ones I have been buying are too tart so I went back to red delicious which I figured would be a big mistake.  Much to my surprise they are great, not mushy, and sweet!  I made that comment to my  husband and he said maybe the stores ran out of last years apples and are selling this year's crop.  What a comment!  Anyway, I'm glad they aren't mushy and low on taste.

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