Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sold Two Original Paintings to Two Great Virginia patrons and a Hen Party...

Sunday I was very pleased to sell two original oil paintings to two great Roanoke, VA patrons! A family drove down from Roanoke for a lovely studio visit.  A daughter was intending to buy a painting for her mother for Christmas and the mother decided to buy another one for herself!  I greatly enjoy opening my home and studio to art and it was a lot of fun discussing my artwork with the mother and her two daughters.  They are considering future sales so I am sure I will see them again sometime.

Also, a postcard with one of my more popular paintings, "Other Pears", was sold on Zazzle Sunday to a great patron in Frederic Wisconsin!  My artwork gets around!  I have many paintings on just about everything on Zazzle - including puzzles!

My writer husband, Clyde Kessler, is always playing around with words and I love all his jokes.  His most recent funny is a name he came up with for a Hen party that went wrong.  Fowl Ball.  He really will punnel me to death one day!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sold Three More Best Sellers and L.D...

I am so pleased to sell prints of favorite paintings over and over again!  A few days ago another print of A Break in the Clouds, Blue Ridge Jewels, and Wildflower Current went to a great patron in Alexandria, VA!  Wildflower Current is the only painting of the three that is still available and I hope someone decides to buy the original.  It is a stunning painting with exquisite color contrast and flowing motion.  I'm sure I will sell many more prints of it in the future.

Just finished another Kendall Expression and uploaded one of my favorites, Lion Explosion, to Zazzle.  Galloping Red is a wonderful swirl of energy and it has been uploaded to Fine Art America and Zazzle.  As I have mentioned before,  I love to work with red/green contrast and this is an excellent example of my preference.  The galloping motion of the horse is echoed throughout the painting with intense, expressive brushwork.

A few days ago I was talking to my husband about my personal way of learning.  I have a photographic memory but there were times in school when I thought I was taking longer than most of the other students to understand a concept.  Once I fully understood something I had it cold.  Since this is typical of students with one form of learning disability I told my husband I may be a little L.D.  He said, you mean Luscious Dreamboat?  Now that's a smart husband!  He's a keeper!

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

So Pleased to Sell Prints from My I Love the Beach Creative Photographs and Wind it back...

I am pleased that patrons are interested in my I Love the Beach photographs.  I am known for my award-winning paintings but I have always had a love of photography and most of my paintings are creative interpretations of my photographs.  I don't like to work plein air so my photos are my initial sketch.  This year I decided to add the medium of photography to my portfolio.

It is great to branch out into yet another medium and get positive feedback for it.  Two of my beach photographs stumbled for several weeks on Stumbleupon and then both of them were sold on Zazzle.  One on a mug and the other on coasters.  I mostly sell originals and prints but I also have some of my most popular works on Zazzle where people can buy my work on kitchen, office, phone, and computer accessories.

I know one home accessory my husband would like to do without and that is the alarm clock.  This past week-end I reminded him we needed to turn the clock back an hour.  His reponse was wind it back to the river and drown it!

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Also keep checking on what's new in my Kendall Expressions folder!  Dream Horse stumbled for a week!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pleased to sell another print of Reaching Out and I know this is emergencies...

So pleased to sell yet another print of my best-seller, "Reaching Out".  This drawing sure gets around.  This time it went to a great patron in Naperville, Illinois.  It has been great to see it in Mindy's office on The Mindy Project and I hope it continues to reach new homes and offices.

Just got back from a great trip to New York!  My friends and I took in a bunch of Broadway shows and had time for the Guggenheim and MOMA. Saw some great Pollocks, Picassos, Cezannes, and Richters!  What a great time!

Neither my husband or I have a funny this week but I did see a great one on Facebook.  A cat on a phone is screaming, "I know this is for emergencies only!  I said I am out of coffee!      

Now that is an emergency!

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