Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mountain Vista Oil Paintings

My artwork is more about color and texture than anything else but I am essentially a representational artist with personal interpretations. Patrons can find landscapes, still lifes, portraits, florals etc. but they are all about my personal reaction to the world around me. For some reason I am more dissatisfied with my mountain scenes than my other work. The complexity of color, texture, and atmosphere in these scenes is so complex that I struggle to achieve that complexity in combination with my personal reactions. Therefore I am currently working on three mountain vistas which are all locales in the Blue Ridge mountains. My photographs serve as sketches which I enhance with much greater contrast and stronger color patterns. I can see why Paul Cezanne painted Mount Victoire over and over again. The atmospheric changes are mind boggling and the textural complexity is overwhelmingly intense.

The three scenes are from Rock Castle Gorge, Arnold Valley, and Purgatory mountain. I have put on the initial layers and am looking forward to finding the enormous amount of time it takes to complete my paintings. I hope I can achieve more of the atmosphere and textural complexity than I have done in the past. Painting is not something one knows how to do. It is a lifelong learning process. I couldn't be more hooked on the experience and I hope I will continue to fine ways to better market my creations. My studio, Towhee Hill, is open 3-5 Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment. I ask visitors to call ahead in case of emergencies. 540-257-3437

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fine Art America Contests

One of the sites that features my art,, is now hosting various contests among the members. I am enjoying this feature as it is another way to make my work more visible. Currently I am entered in the oil painting contest and I look forward to seeing how many visitors and other artists vote for my work.

I have been painting in oils since I was thirteen. For two years at Langley High School in McLean, Virginia I painted two hours at school everyday. I also put in many hours at home. Eventhough I consider myself competent in many mediums I am primarily an oil painter and I never stop learning about the medium. Many people think that painters know how to paint and they paint. Oftentimes the general populace does not realize that painters are always learning to paint which is what makes it such an exciting occupation. My surfaces have become so complex that every square inch is an extremely dense combination of color and texture that I cannot achieve twice in the same way. I balance between control and accident. I look forward to every moment that I can work at my style.

I hope you will visit my work at come by Towhee Hill Studio which is open 3-5 Tuesdays and Thursdays. I ask patrons to call ahead in case of emergencies. 540-257-3437