Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pleased to Sell Another Print of Reaching Out and

I am pleased that my drawing, "Reaching Out", is reaching new places.  This time a framed print went to a great patron in Wexford, Pennsylvania.  It is great to see in on The Mindy Project in the main character's office.  I hope more patrons will get a print of my best seller!

Can't think of anything funny and my main source, my husband, said I am on my own this time.  My television appearance will be taped this Saturday.  It was supposed to be today but it was called due to weather.  I guess I can trip over my own feet next Saturday just as well as I would have today.  Now I can be uptight for another week.  My friend can't help me this Saturday, so my husband will be in the audience instead of her.  Not sure what I think of that.  He better not make any faces at me or I am doomed.

Anyway, check out my canvas print specials on Fine Art America and come April 3rd I will be on FoxTV out of Roanoke with Joy Sutton.  They have easels for my work and I am going to give away one of my small gem paintings.  Should be fun but my nervous stomach tells me otherwise.  Looking forward to the taping and looking forward to it being over!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glad to sell another print of Reaching Out and They will just put you on a computer...

I am pleased to sell another large print of Reaching Out to a great patron in Louisville, Kentucky!. That print sure is getting around!  I haven't seen it on The Mindy Project in the last two episodes.  Mindy needs to get back into her office!  It is a lot of fun to see it there.  The print is still number one  on Fine Art America  in the search results for charcoal nudes, nude girl drawings, nude drawings, and black and white nude girls.                                      

 Be sure to check out my YouTube video of it and other nudes of mine.

I am spending more and more time on the internet working at promoting my artwork.  I keep discovering new ways to increase traffic which in turn increases my sitting time in front of the monitor.  My husband says I am addicted to the computer and I told him I can quit anytime I want to.  He said I needed help to quit this addiction but figures the cure would probably be some sort of therapy in front of the computer.  I guess I can handle that, since I am there most of the time anyway. BRING IT ON!   Oh well! I guess there are worse things in life than being a computer addict.  I don't play the games!

Be sure to check out this week's canvas print specials on Fine Art America.  Large 40% off prints of favorite paintings.  Just click on Limited Time at the top right of the site. Mine are on page three and four this time.
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Not Oprah and I thought I had CTK...

A few days ago I sent out my newsletter and one of my friends sent me an email to find out when I was going to be on The Oprah Show.  My title was Kendall Kessler to be on Television with the NEXT Oprah.  Joy Sutton, former WSLS newscaster now has a show, "The Hour of Joy" on Sunday mornings on FoxTV out of Roanoke.  At her party she made the comment that she wanted to be the next Oprah so I thought that would make an eye-catching title.  I guess it worked but I hope everyone reads the email to know exactly where I will be seen on April 3rd!

I have noticed that scientists have discovered a new disorder called PBA.  Some people have uncontrollable fits of laughter or crying.  They laugh or cry so hard that they gasp for air.  I have had the laughing part since I got married.  My husband is hilarious and sometimes we think we may have to call 911.  I just thought I had CTK, short for Clyde Thomas Kessler. but now I know I have some sort of disease.  Maybe I should get a lawyer and fight for disbility benefits.  My husband thinks I qualify for a handicap sticker.  Just kidding arround!   I have lived with CTK for a long time and I think I can continue to handle it without the medical profession's help.

Be sure to look for my most popular drawing on The Mindy Project!  I didn't see it last week.  It is in her office and there have been a lot of shots of it on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 8th episodes.  Hope to see it this Tuesday!

Also, be sure to check out my canvas print specials starting tomorrow.  Just click on the Limited Time icon on Fine Art America.  Mine are usually on the 2nd or 3rd pages.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Picking Out Paintings for TV Appearance and You aren't as Nosey...

I am getting excited and nervous about appearing on FoxTV this spring.  The taping is on January 26th so I have got to get my act together! I am still not sure which paintings I want to bring but I did find a nice dress today that I think I would be comfortable in.  I hate pants.  I can't ever seem to get ones that fit me right.  My friend has some fancy shoes she thinks I should wear but I'm not sure I can wear them without tripping.  Never could wear heels with skinny posts.  Anyway, I'll be there for the taping.  I can't miss out on this opportunity!

At my last check up I found out I had gained a few pounds which is not typical for me.  My weight stays the same so I was surprised.  I went on a diet and lost the three offenders.  In church today I was having a harder time than usual keeping my glasses from falling off.  I said to my husband that maybe I lost weight in my nose.  He agreed and said I wasn't as nosey now.  Arrgh!  He is definitely  going to punnel me to death!

Be sure to check out my drawing, "Reaching Out" on The Mindy Project which starts over January 8th with new episodes.

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Also, remember my canvas print specials on Fine Art America.  This week I have a sale on a huge print of Blue Ridge Jewels.  Just look on the Limited time section at the upper right.  Mine are on page 3 and 4.

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