Monday, January 7, 2013

Picking Out Paintings for TV Appearance and You aren't as Nosey...

I am getting excited and nervous about appearing on FoxTV this spring.  The taping is on January 26th so I have got to get my act together! I am still not sure which paintings I want to bring but I did find a nice dress today that I think I would be comfortable in.  I hate pants.  I can't ever seem to get ones that fit me right.  My friend has some fancy shoes she thinks I should wear but I'm not sure I can wear them without tripping.  Never could wear heels with skinny posts.  Anyway, I'll be there for the taping.  I can't miss out on this opportunity!

At my last check up I found out I had gained a few pounds which is not typical for me.  My weight stays the same so I was surprised.  I went on a diet and lost the three offenders.  In church today I was having a harder time than usual keeping my glasses from falling off.  I said to my husband that maybe I lost weight in my nose.  He agreed and said I wasn't as nosey now.  Arrgh!  He is definitely  going to punnel me to death!

Be sure to check out my drawing, "Reaching Out" on The Mindy Project which starts over January 8th with new episodes.

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Also, remember my canvas print specials on Fine Art America.  This week I have a sale on a huge print of Blue Ridge Jewels.  Just look on the Limited time section at the upper right.  Mine are on page 3 and 4.

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