Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Glad to be Back and You are Big....

Been down with a bad back spasm the last few days.  I am such a workalcoholic that I get so tired my back goes out.  It doesn't happen because I didn't bend my knees when I picked up something heavy. or when I accidentally fall, or if I reach higher than I should.  It just goes out.  I get to the point when I am really working hard and proud of my accomplishments and then, I guess my body says, Vacation time!  I was getting ready to go to bed and as I pulled up my pajama bottoms -Yikes!  Out for two days.  Oh well.  I'm back and trying not to work so hard but that is like asking time to stand still.  Not going to happen.

The other day I was delivering a Christmas package to my neighbor who is single and lives with her toy poodle named Yogi.  Her sister was visiting her.  Yogi looked to me like he had really porked out and I almost said, Yogi, you are so fat but I caught myself after a long pause and said big!  The neighbor's sister cracked up.  Did you hear that long pause before she almost said fat?  Sometimes the insults just come out no matter what you do.  The dog is like the neighbor's child so I hope I am not in the dog house.

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Also, look for me and my paintings on The Hour of Joy on Fox TV out of Roanoke, VA.  My appearance is tentatively set for April 3rd,2013!

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