Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pleased to sell another original painting and An apple a day...

I am so pleased to sell another original painting!  This one was a favorite floral called "Color Flow".  A very nice young man drove down from Washington and Lee University to buy it for his girlfriend for Christmas.  They are both about to graduate and plan to be corporate lawyers.  I wish them well!  Paintings can be the greatest gift.  They only go up in value and it is a gift from the heart and soul of someone who lives to paint.  I only wish I didn't always have dirty dishes in my future.  Not to mention dirty laundry and dirty house.  I still get to paint because I am nothing if not organized.  I have my faults, but I am determined to paint and nothing stops me.

The other day I mentioned to my fructose intolerant husband that I usually eat an apple a day so I guess I keep the doctor away.  His response was if he ate an apple a day the doctor would be here all the time taking all his money.  What kind of crazy diet asks people to give up most vegetable and fruits?  Fructose intolerance is a mean trip.

Be sure to look for my best-selling print, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project.  I am looking forward to being on TV myself this spring on The Hour of Joy.  Joy Sutton is quite an interesting lady and I agree with her that we need a program of good news.

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