Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It gets more complicated and Beyond the Toes...

Lately my paintings have been a great experience.  I am still, as Paul Frets once said to me, arm wrestling them down, but I am enjoying the struggle more than ever.  I am at the point in my development when all of the past methods are coming together and having a party on the canvas!  Complicated systems of colors and textures that add joy to my life. I can't imagine a life without paint.  Winston Churchill once said that and I may have mentioned that quote before but it bears repeating for us happy artists!

I still have 20/20 vision but the reading vision is a mess.  For a while I could put my feet out straight in front of me, attach the writing to my toes and read away.  Now I think I am going to need an extra pair of glasses to put my glasses in the case.  I guess one pair will have to stay out.  My husband can top that.  He actually asked people at his office where his glasses were.  He couldn't find them anywhere.  He was wearing them, and not on the top of his head.  On his eyes.  Bleary eyed computer nuts!  Still working away and I can still see so I just keep going.....

The Mindy Project has been off for a while.  Hope to see it and my drawing, "Reaching Out", in her office again soon!

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Sell Art Online

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lot of additions to my Portfolio and I wish they would give up...

Working away as always.  I am pleased that I am keeping up my self-imposed schedule to upload three pieces of artwork a day to try to catch up on paintings and drawings that I haven't included. I am also adding my new work and photographs. This is a rather grueling task since I have to photograph the items outside with a tripod.  I creep around my equipment.  It is so easy to break cameras.  One gust of wind and it could be all over.  The last shoot was excellent!  My back hurt afterwards but all of the paintings came out great!  That usually doesn't happen.  Something always goes wrong.  Glad to have a good shoot!

The scammers are back on my trail again!  I wish people wouldn't fall for their shipping scam so they would quit contacting me.  Now I get texts that just ask if the painting is still available.  I answer that one since it could be a legitimate inquiry.  The next one says they want to buy it and they will send a check.  I then tell them Paypal only.  Their next one is, okay, what is your address so they can send me a check.  Either they are dumber than a sack of hammers or they don't read my texts.  I guess they just send out the same scammer lines to everybody.

My husband says they should be put in jail and handcuffed to a chair in front of a computer that only has scams.  Twenty-four hours a day of forced scams.  Nothing else. Of course we could never let that criminal get out of jail. He or she may have learned too much.

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The Mindy Project!  I have missed a few episodes but I did see it on the 2nd,4th,5th,8th, and 18th episodes.  It is across from her desk.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fantastic Feed Back from Great Patron and You would not bring back the Dinosaurs...

As I have said before I get quite nervous when I sell originals or prints online.  I am always worried that the patron will not be happy with the work.  Monitors are all set differently so I can't really know what they are seeing.  I am so happy, knock on wood, that so far I have only received glowing comments and no complaints.

Recently I received feed back for a painting I sold in California and I just had to put it here for others to see.  What a great compliment!

Stunning painting! Such vibrant, hues. This painting feels alive. Every time I pass it, it beckons me in-- bright, sunset hues, and undulating light. Very thoughtful seller, and perfect packaging. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

The other night my husband was watching a Bewitched re-run and I decided to tease him a little.  I asked him what he would do if he had magical powers.  Since he is a staunch environmentalist he gave a mischievous reply.  He would bring back the dinosaurs and take away all our weapons.  Let's see what damage people can do to the earth if they are busy fighting off a tyrannosaurus rex with a rock!  He really is a sweet man.  Don't let that statement fool you!

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