Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Blog Approach and I hope I don't have to run away...

I like to write about my painting but it is so difficult to come up with words that describe the experience that I think I just want to repeat myself all the time.  I decided to take a different approach to my blog and write about the subjects themselves.  I taught for twenty years so I like to learn and look things up.

I am going to start with horses since I have been getting a lot of attention for my paintings of horses.  My new Kendall Expressions horses stumbled for a long time on Stumbleupon and Blue Ridge Pasture Horses got so many hits on Etsy one day  that the administrators sent me an email to congratulate me.

Here are a few interesting myths and facts about these beautiful animals that have accumulated over the centuries.

Sitting backwards on a donkey - cure for snakebites and toothache

A pregnant woman seeing a donkey - the child will grow wise and well behaved

If you see a white dog you should be silent until you see a white horse.

In Wales a gray horse is considered to be a death omen.

In England and Germany dreaming of a white horse is considered a death omen.

It was thought that warts could be cured by circling them in horse hair.

If a woman is pregnant and the heart beat of her baby sounds like a

horse it is said to be a girl, however if it sounds like a train it is said to be a boy.

The Przewalski's horse is the only truly wild horse still in existence.  It is found in Mongolia.

Horses have better senses of smell and hearing then humans.

Equine assisted therapy is a growing field where horses help people with a wide range of mental health issues.

I could go on and on but I thought these were the more interesting facts and myths about horses.

I am hoping that I won't be facing major surgery soon but I think it is inevitable.  Whenever I think of surgery I think of my mother.  Years ago she made a decision to have surgery that she was advised to have.  She had such a hard time recovering that she told me the next time they wouldn't catch her!

I wonder if I can run away...


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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Painting, painting, painting, and Waiting for help...

I am still very excited about my new series, Kendall Expressions, and am looking forward to adding my next one!  The spacing in my new one is so captivating I can't imagine anyone walking by it without being drawn into the color and textural display.  In this one I am trying to get an even more complex system of colors and textures and dynamic motion.  I hope to have it up in a few days.

We have been practically without hot water for over a week now and the system is leaking constantly.  We have a cup under the leak but it fills up every few hours.  The repair man should be here soon and I will be so glad to get this fixed!  It takes more than one minute to wash my hair!  I took my shampoo to the Aquatic Center to wash it the other day.

Be sure to check out my Special Promotions on Fine Art America!  I almost always have three paintings up at 40% off the large canvas print size!  Fine Art America has a thirty day money back guarantee which includes the shipping price!  You can't lose!

Also, I have been adding a lot of artwork to my porfolio.  Click on images to see the latest or the folder marked artwork added 2011-2013.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kendall Expressions Still Stumbling and Lead Foot...

Lion Explosion and Galloping Red are still stumbling on  Galloping Red is getting way more hits than Lion Explosion but the hits per day are increasing on Lion Explosion.  It is great to see my work looked at by so many people and it is especially pleasing that this is happening with two works from my new series, Kendall Expressions. 

 I see continual change in my approach to my own type of Expressionism with each new painting and I look forward to starting the next one the day after Christmas.  I am forcing myself to take a break and enjoy the Holiday but that does not mean I am taking a break from promoting my work online.  Workaholics are hopeless.  As my mother always said, some people are not happy unless they are miserable.  I prefer to think of my work as what keeps me going.

Be sure to check out my Special Features on Fine Art America!  All prints have a thirty day money back guarantee including shipping! 40% off regular price!

My husband has a new name for all the tail gators that drive him crazy to and from work.   He calls them Lead Foot Lame Brain drivers.  One of these days I swear one of them will just drive on and over my car and keep going.  Where is the fire?

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pleased to sell prints of Near Smithfield Plantation and What a Rat....

I am so pleased to sell prints in the form of greeting cards of Near Smithfield Plantation to a great Virginia patron on Zazzle!  This pastel painting is a special one for me.  It is one of my many award-winning works.  Famed pastelist Daniel Greene awarded me The American Artist Award for this colorful, exciting work.  This pastel took a long time and I put a lot of visual complexity in every square inch of it.  The color nuances never end and the expression is extremely intense.

I am also pleased that I added another painting to my Kendall Expressions folder and it is receiving a lot of hits as well as two other paintings in the same folder. Lion Explosion and Galloping Red have been stumbling for over a day and I hope they continue to make the rounds on where I have a number of my paintings.

My wireless mouse has been irritating me to the point of distraction today.  No matter where I position it on the pad it keeps clicking off and I see the connection lost sign to slow me up again.  I have decided that mouse is too nice a word for this miserable rat!   It better shape up or it will be a flying rat out the window.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sold another Original to a great Virginia patron and mega chips...

I am very pleased to sell one of my original hand-colored lithographs to a great Virginia patron!  Near the Cascades is a special scene for me.  I have lost track of the number of times I walked up to the Cascades in the Jefferson National Forest in Giles County, VA.  This is one of the views of the creek at the beginning of the two mile walk to the falls.  I have also been in the water which is very cold but it is so refreshing after the hike which is mostly up.

The original is gone but prints up to 48"x60"are available on paper or canvas, framed or un-framed and there are other versions of the same scene.  Be sure to check it out!

I am very exciting about my current painting and hope to upload it tomorrow afternoon.  I think it is the most exciting Kendall Expresssion so far! It is teeming with life and energy!

A fast food company has been advertising a mega chocolate chip cookie.  My husband's response to this is Mega Chocolate Chip equals Mega Hips.  I think he is right.  Too much emphasis on sugary, fattening carbs in this country.  We need to get out the fruit!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pleased to Sell Another Print of Burning Shore and My painting is still hijacked...

I decided I would like to blog more than once a week to keep my friends informed on what is happening with my work and since I just sold another large print of one of my favorite paintings, Burning Shore, to a great Arizona patron, this seemed like a good day to write some things down.

Burning Shore is my favorite small gem paintings.  The original is owned by a great New York patron but print sales are growing of this captivating piece.   It is available on my website and one just about any kind of household and business item - even toys on Zazzle!

I just notified a lawyer about the theft of my second best-selling print, A Break in the Clouds, on Funstatic.  I have sent a Cease and Desist order but the email came back.  I hit their red delete button on their site and filled out their form three times and the painting is still there for free downloads.  I posted three comments on their site demanding they take it down to no avail.

Let's see what a lawyer can do about this.

I usually try to have something funny in my blogs but I don't think I can manage that twice a week so I will hopefully have something in the next blog.

Be sure to check out my Special Promotions on Fine Art America and check out my drawing, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hijacked Painting , Pleased to sell another print and I will hold it up to the screen...

The internet is a dangerous place and I am very unhappy to announce that my second best-selling print was hijacked from a site and put on another site where people can download it for free.  So far, there have been 290 downloads and I am one outraged artist!  I sent a cease and desist email and it was returned to me so I am looking into other avenues of action.  I live to paint but I do not work for free.

On a lighter note I am pleased to sell prints as postcards of Sweet Pea in The Morning to a great Nebraska  patron.  This is one of my favorite Blue Ridge Parkway paintings of a scene at Rock Castle Gorge.  I used to tease my naturalist husband, Clyde Kessler, that he should have a mail box at this sight.  This is one of his main birding and butterfly locations and he has led many hawk watches there.

A few weeks ago we discovered that we had a mouse in the kitchen leaving lots of calling cards on the counters and drawers.  My husband decided to order a Have a Heart mousetrap so he could take it somewhere else rather than killing it.

He called me up about all the options.  After a long list I asked him if he would like me to see if I could find the mouse, hold it up to the computer screen, and see which one it liked best.  His reply was to ask the mouse if it could do a better job than our wireless one and we would hire it.  A little mouse humor to brighten an artist with a serious copyright infringement to contend with.

Don't forget about my Special Promotions on Fine Art America! 40% off popular paintings with a 30 day money back guarantee, including shipping!  You can't lose!

Also, look for my drawing Reaching Out on The Mindy Project.  It was visible on a hilarious episode called The Wedding Crushers!

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Art Prints

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sold Prints of Peaks of Otter, Rock Castle Gorge, Smith Mountain Lake and I don't eat nuts...

My work continues to get around the country!  This week three different paintings went out on a key chain, apron, and postcards to Nebraska, Florida and Virginia.  It is great to be able to sell originals, prints on paper or canvas, and paintings on just about anything imaginable!  Be sure to check out my work on Zazzle and if you don't see the painting you want on an item, let me know!

I was rather frustrated this week with my current Kendall Expressions painting.  It took a number of turns and then nose dived into something completely different from the others in this series.  I like it but it wasn't what I wanted and I can't figure out what happened.  Oh well, happy accidents are part of painting so I am just going to go with it and use a different approach on the next one.

My family has been spending a lot more on groceries these days due to my husband's malady and my desire to eat organic.  I left off peanut butter years ago when I ate too much of it in college and got sick of it.  I decided that I need to add some nuts to my diet so now I am eating some organic peanut butter most days.

I never have liked nuts that much.  I told my husband I don't eat nuts - I am descended from them, marry them, and give birth to them.  Just joking!  I love all members of my family!

Don't forget about my drawing, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project!  It was visible in last week's episode entitled The Wedding Crushers.
Hilarious episode!

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