Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pleased to sell prints of Near Smithfield Plantation and What a Rat....

I am so pleased to sell prints in the form of greeting cards of Near Smithfield Plantation to a great Virginia patron on Zazzle!  This pastel painting is a special one for me.  It is one of my many award-winning works.  Famed pastelist Daniel Greene awarded me The American Artist Award for this colorful, exciting work.  This pastel took a long time and I put a lot of visual complexity in every square inch of it.  The color nuances never end and the expression is extremely intense.

I am also pleased that I added another painting to my Kendall Expressions folder and it is receiving a lot of hits as well as two other paintings in the same folder. Lion Explosion and Galloping Red have been stumbling for over a day and I hope they continue to make the rounds on where I have a number of my paintings.

My wireless mouse has been irritating me to the point of distraction today.  No matter where I position it on the pad it keeps clicking off and I see the connection lost sign to slow me up again.  I have decided that mouse is too nice a word for this miserable rat!   It better shape up or it will be a flying rat out the window.

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  1. Hello Kendall, estas obras siguen tu última tendencia o estilo que quizá busca un nuevo camino eso lo digo al mirar tus obras de abajo sobre todo los paisajes.

    Estas últimas tienen un relevante cambio con un trazo más vigoroso y sobre todo el predominio de colores cálidos principalmente rojos y naranjas, excelente búsqueda, un gran abrazo .