Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kendall Expressions Still Stumbling and Lead Foot...

Lion Explosion and Galloping Red are still stumbling on  Galloping Red is getting way more hits than Lion Explosion but the hits per day are increasing on Lion Explosion.  It is great to see my work looked at by so many people and it is especially pleasing that this is happening with two works from my new series, Kendall Expressions. 

 I see continual change in my approach to my own type of Expressionism with each new painting and I look forward to starting the next one the day after Christmas.  I am forcing myself to take a break and enjoy the Holiday but that does not mean I am taking a break from promoting my work online.  Workaholics are hopeless.  As my mother always said, some people are not happy unless they are miserable.  I prefer to think of my work as what keeps me going.

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My husband has a new name for all the tail gators that drive him crazy to and from work.   He calls them Lead Foot Lame Brain drivers.  One of these days I swear one of them will just drive on and over my car and keep going.  Where is the fire?

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