Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sold Prints of Peaks of Otter, Rock Castle Gorge, Smith Mountain Lake and I don't eat nuts...

My work continues to get around the country!  This week three different paintings went out on a key chain, apron, and postcards to Nebraska, Florida and Virginia.  It is great to be able to sell originals, prints on paper or canvas, and paintings on just about anything imaginable!  Be sure to check out my work on Zazzle and if you don't see the painting you want on an item, let me know!

I was rather frustrated this week with my current Kendall Expressions painting.  It took a number of turns and then nose dived into something completely different from the others in this series.  I like it but it wasn't what I wanted and I can't figure out what happened.  Oh well, happy accidents are part of painting so I am just going to go with it and use a different approach on the next one.

My family has been spending a lot more on groceries these days due to my husband's malady and my desire to eat organic.  I left off peanut butter years ago when I ate too much of it in college and got sick of it.  I decided that I need to add some nuts to my diet so now I am eating some organic peanut butter most days.

I never have liked nuts that much.  I told my husband I don't eat nuts - I am descended from them, marry them, and give birth to them.  Just joking!  I love all members of my family!

Don't forget about my drawing, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project!  It was visible in last week's episode entitled The Wedding Crushers.
Hilarious episode!

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