Saturday, December 28, 2013

Painting, painting, painting, and Waiting for help...

I am still very excited about my new series, Kendall Expressions, and am looking forward to adding my next one!  The spacing in my new one is so captivating I can't imagine anyone walking by it without being drawn into the color and textural display.  In this one I am trying to get an even more complex system of colors and textures and dynamic motion.  I hope to have it up in a few days.

We have been practically without hot water for over a week now and the system is leaking constantly.  We have a cup under the leak but it fills up every few hours.  The repair man should be here soon and I will be so glad to get this fixed!  It takes more than one minute to wash my hair!  I took my shampoo to the Aquatic Center to wash it the other day.

Be sure to check out my Special Promotions on Fine Art America!  I almost always have three paintings up at 40% off the large canvas print size!  Fine Art America has a thirty day money back guarantee which includes the shipping price!  You can't lose!

Also, I have been adding a lot of artwork to my porfolio.  Click on images to see the latest or the folder marked artwork added 2011-2013.

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Photography Prints

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