Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pleased to Sell Another Print of Burning Shore and My painting is still hijacked...

I decided I would like to blog more than once a week to keep my friends informed on what is happening with my work and since I just sold another large print of one of my favorite paintings, Burning Shore, to a great Arizona patron, this seemed like a good day to write some things down.

Burning Shore is my favorite small gem paintings.  The original is owned by a great New York patron but print sales are growing of this captivating piece.   It is available on my website and one just about any kind of household and business item - even toys on Zazzle!

I just notified a lawyer about the theft of my second best-selling print, A Break in the Clouds, on Funstatic.  I have sent a Cease and Desist order but the email came back.  I hit their red delete button on their site and filled out their form three times and the painting is still there for free downloads.  I posted three comments on their site demanding they take it down to no avail.

Let's see what a lawyer can do about this.

I usually try to have something funny in my blogs but I don't think I can manage that twice a week so I will hopefully have something in the next blog.

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