Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hijacked Painting , Pleased to sell another print and I will hold it up to the screen...

The internet is a dangerous place and I am very unhappy to announce that my second best-selling print was hijacked from a site and put on another site where people can download it for free.  So far, there have been 290 downloads and I am one outraged artist!  I sent a cease and desist email and it was returned to me so I am looking into other avenues of action.  I live to paint but I do not work for free.

On a lighter note I am pleased to sell prints as postcards of Sweet Pea in The Morning to a great Nebraska  patron.  This is one of my favorite Blue Ridge Parkway paintings of a scene at Rock Castle Gorge.  I used to tease my naturalist husband, Clyde Kessler, that he should have a mail box at this sight.  This is one of his main birding and butterfly locations and he has led many hawk watches there.

A few weeks ago we discovered that we had a mouse in the kitchen leaving lots of calling cards on the counters and drawers.  My husband decided to order a Have a Heart mousetrap so he could take it somewhere else rather than killing it.

He called me up about all the options.  After a long list I asked him if he would like me to see if I could find the mouse, hold it up to the computer screen, and see which one it liked best.  His reply was to ask the mouse if it could do a better job than our wireless one and we would hire it.  A little mouse humor to brighten an artist with a serious copyright infringement to contend with.

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Also, look for my drawing Reaching Out on The Mindy Project.  It was visible on a hilarious episode called The Wedding Crushers!

Art Prints

Art Prints


  1. The selection of colors in Burning Shore is brilliant. I am all for colorful and vibrant paintings that can match the interior design ideas I have in mind.

  2. Sorry to be so slow to answer. Sometimes I miss these comments. Thank you so much for the great compliment!