Saturday, January 28, 2012

I do not Have Time for the Pain and Statue of Limitations

 I know.  My life sounds like an old Carly Simon song right now.

I am one unhappy workaholic right now.  I am spending way too much time trying to keep from being in pain.  The MRI did not show anything out of the ordinary so I guess it is up to me to figure out how to stop my leg and hip from hurting.  If I just go about trying to do a zillion things in one day I am in so much pain it wakes me up at night and I wake up in pain.  The pain is usually gone after exercise but it keeps coming back so I have to keep stopping and stretching out the muscles.  If I don't get back to painting soon I will flip.  I have a number of large paintings I want to start and I will start them soon.  The physical therapy was useless so I think I will look into some sort of class that may help. Also, I will take Marlene's advice and have some blood work done.  I HATE BEING SLOWED DOWN!

My husband has noticed that a lot of people these days are saying statue of limitations instead of statute of limitations.  Do you think they are talking about the unfinished statue of St. Matthew by Michelangelo?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Around in Circles and The Only Thing the Doctor will discover...

Most painters start out having a ball with paint and turning out a lot of things they like without a lot of effort. Then they start to discover all the intricacies of what they are doing and they try to control the paint too much and bye bye happy accidents. Then they try to balance between control and accident and worry over every brush mark, large or small, as the painting takes on a language all its own. I'll bet most painters would agree with what I just wrote. These steps lead to life long circles. I try to tell the painting what to do and it tells me what to do as I keep modifying my approach with each work. Painting is never boring. Right now I am using a much more traditional thin to thick technique I haven't used in a long time. Round and round. Where I stop nobody knows. As long as I am here I will paint.

Last Friday I had an MRI for pain in my rear end and leg. Since the pain is in the muscle and does not exist 24 hours of the day I figure the only thing the doctor will discover from the MRI is that the insurance doesn't cover the cost and I will have a big copay. Let's hear it for insurance!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where was Murphy Tuesday? and Get Elected to Congress...

I can't believe it! My husband and I put up my new show in Blacksburg and I didn't scratch a frame, drop a hammer, cut myself on a sharp corner, or leave a painting at home. Where in the world was Murphy? It was supposed to rain and it rained a little before we dragged everything out of the car and rained after the show was hung. I guess Lady Luck kicked Murphy right out of town. I wish she would show up more often. I didn't even have to adjust a frame. If you live anywhere near Blacksburg, VA be sure to see this show which is a tribute to my husband's environmental efforts. I have learned a lot from him over the years. He is a dedicated naturalist and a great guy! The show is at New Live Dental behind the Starbucks on Main St. in Blacksburg, VA. It will be there until April 15th. The painting here is Near Purgatory which is seen on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I love all the arts. As I have said before, if I had a lot of lives I would pursue them all. I'm so glad I play the piano. It is a great creative outlet that I don't try to market. Got to sell paintings but I don't have to perform. I have always been fascinated by actors and get a lot of DVDs. I told my husband that if I were an actress I would love to play a criminal. He said get elected to Congress and you won't have to act.

Monday, January 16, 2012

School Starts Tomorrow without Me and Where is Everything?

Tomorrow is the first day of classes at Radford University and I will be hanging a show at New Life Dental in Blacksburg, VA. I will miss working with college students but I am extremely excited about being a full-time artist! Now I have the time to work at my artwork and selling it. Since no one is adding more hours to the day I had to cut out the teaching so I could have more hours for my art. In spite of what the physical therapist has told me is myafacial pain, I am going at it full speed. The MRI is in the works and I will do what I have to for my aching leg but quitting painting and exhibiting paintings is not an option. If you live in Southwest Virginia be sure to see my current show, "A Naturalist's Legacy" in Blacksburg. It will be there for three months and then go to Zeppolis which is also in Blacksburg.

I always try to plan in advance for shows. I try to have everything packed the night before and then gather everything up and shove it in the car an hour before leaving home. Something always goes wrong. Murphy's Law works over time just for me. One time I forgot a hammer at a show where the hooks were not strong enough and I had to go buy a new one. Another time I actually left one of the main paintings home which is a half an hour away. If I don't stab myself with one of the sharp corners on a metal frame I will think I am in the Twilight Zone. Can't wait to see what will happen with my sore leg since I have to take the paintings up a flight of stairs. Just hope I can keep from cussing in public. You have to truly love art to put up with it!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gangway to the Studio Tomorrow and A Shark Would Leap out of the Water...

Almost have everything ready to take to Blacksburg on Tuesday for my new show, "A Naturalist's Legacy". Got to show, got to sell, but most important, GOT TO PAINT! Tomorrow I will be in the studio before I start climbing the walls. I loved the recent FAA discussion about the warning signs of art. I don't need to look for the tell tale signs. I know I am hopelessly addicted and love it! I hope to die with a paint brush in my hands as I tell anyone that will listen. Sugar and paint. One of the happiest days in my life was when I asked my doctor Dad if people that are NOT over weight are in danger of getting diabetes if they eat a lot of sugar and he said NO! Years ago I tried to cut back on sugar and gave up. Not trying to give up sugar or paint. Addicted to both and that is just the way it is!

Discussions of my husband's dietary problems often come up when we are eating and he is missing something he can't have anymore. A country boy really needs his biscuits but they are out. The muffins I make with the special flour is okay but a wheat biscuit would certainly be nice. The substitutes we have made are okay but the one thing he hates is the rice bread. He said if a piece of rice bread were thrown into the ocean a shark would jump out of the water begging for its life. That should give you an idea of how rice bread rates in his fructose free, wheat free diet.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Up the Stairs with the Show and You can Always go Zooming down the Internet...

Checked out the venue for my show, A Naturalist's Legacy, and as luck would have it there are stairs I have to carry my work up. My paintings are not that heavy but they are large and awkward. The venue is a Dental Office that pays an annual fee to have shows sponsored by the Blacksburg Regional Art Association every three months. I have been going to a physical therapist for this strange pain on my right side that is especially sharp by my knee. The therapy is not working and the therapist is baffled. I may have to go get a MRI. Don't think it is the piriformis I have been whining about for months. I hope the show is a big success to make up for the pain I am going to have to go through to get it up.

As I have mentioned before I try to include some humor in my blog. Where would we be without laughter? It is really is a great medicine. I have noticed that a lot of people don't have any problem with posting very colorful language on the internet. That type of language doesn't bother me but I don't use it because I know some people are very offended by certain words. Some of the funny lines my husband comes up with are either x-rated or just have words you don't see in a Sunday School bulletin. I told him I would like to post some of these quips but he said it is better to stay on the high road. You can always go zooming down the low road on the internet but it is probably not a good idea.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It Really is Great to be an Artist and I think Rotten is Better

Recently I have been in contact with a former student who is selling very well. I am so proud of him! I told him if he keeps it up maybe someday I will be bragging to people that I had him in a Drawing class. I told him it is great to be an artist and I really mean that most sincerely! He agreed and said, "Amen, sister!" It is great! I am so glad I wasn't discouraged but followed my heart. I have no regrets and now that I am no longer teaching I am going to work harder than ever to promote myself and sell my work. My paintings are unique extensions of myself and I want others to experience what I experienced when I made them. Here's to 2012!

I am getting quite sick of the Pizza commercial where the owner makes the profound statement that his company believes "Fresh is better". My bird-watching husband's retort was, "I think rotten is better. "Ask a buzzard!" By the way, Radford City's great Vulture Festival will be held in February. Come learn about these miss-understood valuable creatures!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Working on the Promo and I think They are telling One

"A Naturalist's Legacy" is scheduled to go up January 15th and, as usual, I am rushing around trying to get the promo out to the papers, getting frames together, mailing postcards to my mailing list, and wishing the guys would go back to work. The break is over but it has been snowing today so my husband and son will probably be home again tomorrow. Love them but I need alone time to start getting everything together and I was looking forward to an empty house tomorrow.

I am very excited about this show about my naturalist husband and I hope others will gain greater appreciation of this region through his efforts. A long time ago Loretta Lynn was being interviewed on TV and she was asked about her marriage which had a lot of ups and downs like most marriages. She said that when she heard couples say they never fought she thought they were telling one! I would have to agree but I have been very fortunate. No couple gets along perfectly but I did marry someone I love and honestly admire. He still won't pick up his socks but he is a great guy to me and I am proud to put on this show in his honor!