Monday, January 2, 2012

Working on the Promo and I think They are telling One

"A Naturalist's Legacy" is scheduled to go up January 15th and, as usual, I am rushing around trying to get the promo out to the papers, getting frames together, mailing postcards to my mailing list, and wishing the guys would go back to work. The break is over but it has been snowing today so my husband and son will probably be home again tomorrow. Love them but I need alone time to start getting everything together and I was looking forward to an empty house tomorrow.

I am very excited about this show about my naturalist husband and I hope others will gain greater appreciation of this region through his efforts. A long time ago Loretta Lynn was being interviewed on TV and she was asked about her marriage which had a lot of ups and downs like most marriages. She said that when she heard couples say they never fought she thought they were telling one! I would have to agree but I have been very fortunate. No couple gets along perfectly but I did marry someone I love and honestly admire. He still won't pick up his socks but he is a great guy to me and I am proud to put on this show in his honor!

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