Saturday, January 28, 2012

I do not Have Time for the Pain and Statue of Limitations

 I know.  My life sounds like an old Carly Simon song right now.

I am one unhappy workaholic right now.  I am spending way too much time trying to keep from being in pain.  The MRI did not show anything out of the ordinary so I guess it is up to me to figure out how to stop my leg and hip from hurting.  If I just go about trying to do a zillion things in one day I am in so much pain it wakes me up at night and I wake up in pain.  The pain is usually gone after exercise but it keeps coming back so I have to keep stopping and stretching out the muscles.  If I don't get back to painting soon I will flip.  I have a number of large paintings I want to start and I will start them soon.  The physical therapy was useless so I think I will look into some sort of class that may help. Also, I will take Marlene's advice and have some blood work done.  I HATE BEING SLOWED DOWN!

My husband has noticed that a lot of people these days are saying statue of limitations instead of statute of limitations.  Do you think they are talking about the unfinished statue of St. Matthew by Michelangelo?

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