Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Around in Circles and The Only Thing the Doctor will discover...

Most painters start out having a ball with paint and turning out a lot of things they like without a lot of effort. Then they start to discover all the intricacies of what they are doing and they try to control the paint too much and bye bye happy accidents. Then they try to balance between control and accident and worry over every brush mark, large or small, as the painting takes on a language all its own. I'll bet most painters would agree with what I just wrote. These steps lead to life long circles. I try to tell the painting what to do and it tells me what to do as I keep modifying my approach with each work. Painting is never boring. Right now I am using a much more traditional thin to thick technique I haven't used in a long time. Round and round. Where I stop nobody knows. As long as I am here I will paint.

Last Friday I had an MRI for pain in my rear end and leg. Since the pain is in the muscle and does not exist 24 hours of the day I figure the only thing the doctor will discover from the MRI is that the insurance doesn't cover the cost and I will have a big copay. Let's hear it for insurance!

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