Monday, January 16, 2012

School Starts Tomorrow without Me and Where is Everything?

Tomorrow is the first day of classes at Radford University and I will be hanging a show at New Life Dental in Blacksburg, VA. I will miss working with college students but I am extremely excited about being a full-time artist! Now I have the time to work at my artwork and selling it. Since no one is adding more hours to the day I had to cut out the teaching so I could have more hours for my art. In spite of what the physical therapist has told me is myafacial pain, I am going at it full speed. The MRI is in the works and I will do what I have to for my aching leg but quitting painting and exhibiting paintings is not an option. If you live in Southwest Virginia be sure to see my current show, "A Naturalist's Legacy" in Blacksburg. It will be there for three months and then go to Zeppolis which is also in Blacksburg.

I always try to plan in advance for shows. I try to have everything packed the night before and then gather everything up and shove it in the car an hour before leaving home. Something always goes wrong. Murphy's Law works over time just for me. One time I forgot a hammer at a show where the hooks were not strong enough and I had to go buy a new one. Another time I actually left one of the main paintings home which is a half an hour away. If I don't stab myself with one of the sharp corners on a metal frame I will think I am in the Twilight Zone. Can't wait to see what will happen with my sore leg since I have to take the paintings up a flight of stairs. Just hope I can keep from cussing in public. You have to truly love art to put up with it!

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