Thursday, January 5, 2012

It Really is Great to be an Artist and I think Rotten is Better

Recently I have been in contact with a former student who is selling very well. I am so proud of him! I told him if he keeps it up maybe someday I will be bragging to people that I had him in a Drawing class. I told him it is great to be an artist and I really mean that most sincerely! He agreed and said, "Amen, sister!" It is great! I am so glad I wasn't discouraged but followed my heart. I have no regrets and now that I am no longer teaching I am going to work harder than ever to promote myself and sell my work. My paintings are unique extensions of myself and I want others to experience what I experienced when I made them. Here's to 2012!

I am getting quite sick of the Pizza commercial where the owner makes the profound statement that his company believes "Fresh is better". My bird-watching husband's retort was, "I think rotten is better. "Ask a buzzard!" By the way, Radford City's great Vulture Festival will be held in February. Come learn about these miss-understood valuable creatures!

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