Monday, January 9, 2012

Up the Stairs with the Show and You can Always go Zooming down the Internet...

Checked out the venue for my show, A Naturalist's Legacy, and as luck would have it there are stairs I have to carry my work up. My paintings are not that heavy but they are large and awkward. The venue is a Dental Office that pays an annual fee to have shows sponsored by the Blacksburg Regional Art Association every three months. I have been going to a physical therapist for this strange pain on my right side that is especially sharp by my knee. The therapy is not working and the therapist is baffled. I may have to go get a MRI. Don't think it is the piriformis I have been whining about for months. I hope the show is a big success to make up for the pain I am going to have to go through to get it up.

As I have mentioned before I try to include some humor in my blog. Where would we be without laughter? It is really is a great medicine. I have noticed that a lot of people don't have any problem with posting very colorful language on the internet. That type of language doesn't bother me but I don't use it because I know some people are very offended by certain words. Some of the funny lines my husband comes up with are either x-rated or just have words you don't see in a Sunday School bulletin. I told him I would like to post some of these quips but he said it is better to stay on the high road. You can always go zooming down the low road on the internet but it is probably not a good idea.

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