Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gangway to the Studio Tomorrow and A Shark Would Leap out of the Water...

Almost have everything ready to take to Blacksburg on Tuesday for my new show, "A Naturalist's Legacy". Got to show, got to sell, but most important, GOT TO PAINT! Tomorrow I will be in the studio before I start climbing the walls. I loved the recent FAA discussion about the warning signs of art. I don't need to look for the tell tale signs. I know I am hopelessly addicted and love it! I hope to die with a paint brush in my hands as I tell anyone that will listen. Sugar and paint. One of the happiest days in my life was when I asked my doctor Dad if people that are NOT over weight are in danger of getting diabetes if they eat a lot of sugar and he said NO! Years ago I tried to cut back on sugar and gave up. Not trying to give up sugar or paint. Addicted to both and that is just the way it is!

Discussions of my husband's dietary problems often come up when we are eating and he is missing something he can't have anymore. A country boy really needs his biscuits but they are out. The muffins I make with the special flour is okay but a wheat biscuit would certainly be nice. The substitutes we have made are okay but the one thing he hates is the rice bread. He said if a piece of rice bread were thrown into the ocean a shark would jump out of the water begging for its life. That should give you an idea of how rice bread rates in his fructose free, wheat free diet.

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