Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am Going to Dominate This and Power Lunches

As we all know languages change or they die out like Latin.  There have been a lot of language changes among the young that I had a hard time getting used to but now seem normal.  When I was a kid no one said awesome to mean anything but big.  Now it is such a catch all word for anything exciting or astounding.  It has been around so long I am completely used to that change.  When someone has a serious illness they are attempting to fight kids say they will dominate it.  I like that one.  I am not seriously ill but I do have to cope with some sort of strange pain in my leg and hip.  I have decided I am going to dominate it and stretch every time it starts to hurt even a little.  I am starting to spend a lot of the day looking like a pretzel. Tomorrow, without fail, I am going to get started on three large paintings, with or without leg pain.  I WILL DOMINATE IT!

My husband and I often discuss the economic problems in the USA and how some of the problems could be solved.  Mostly, we are joking, as we don't really know how to solve these problems, but there are some obvious changes that may help.  Corporations and wealthy citizens could pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us and that would provide our government with more funds to work with.  I'm sure there is a lot of pork that could be cut out of both corporations and government.  My husband suggested that they do away with power lunches.  I asked him if he gets a power lunch at work and he said he doesn't even get a power biscuit. No pork there!

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