Monday, February 13, 2012

I Knew That Would Not Last and If There Were an Award...

When I started my latest painting I tried going back to a more traditional approach  using very thin layers and not letting the brushwork show.  Every once in a while I do that at the beginning of a painting and then decide it isn't me so I pile the paint on with expressive brush strokes .  I am very pleased with the energy in this painting.  I was listening to David Garrett's cross over version of Vivaldi's Summer and I think I captured that bursting expression that is in the music.  It is no wonder I entitled it "Tulip Dance".

My husband and I try to look reasonably put together when we go out but in our home we dress in clothes people probably wouldn't even give to Good Will.  My favorite pair of pants has a few holes, splotches of paint, and balloon out in the back.  My favorite shirt is baggy and has a hole in the shoulder with some other kind of stains.  My husband has a stained,  baggy shirt I doubt anyone would be caught dead in and the pants are a saggy mess.  If there were an award for worst dressed couple in a home environment, we would win it hands down.  My husband said he would beat out homeless people that haven't had a bath for ten years. 

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