Monday, February 20, 2012

So Glad to Sell Two More Prints and Comment on the Good Life

I am so pleased to sell my first Acrylic print!  I'm not sure how long that option has been up but I know I haven't sold that type of print before.  This time the print was of one of my oil pastel paintings of Mountain Lake in Giles County VA.  This was the setting for the popular movie "Dirty Dancing" with Patrick Swayze.  It is a beautiful resort and I have stayed there several times with my husband and son.  I haven't met the medium I don't like but oil paint is my favorite and most of my work is in oils though I do have oil and soft pastel paintings, lithographs, charcoal drawings, and some water media works.  Watercolors are beautiful but they are too fragile for me.  If left in enough light the painting will fade away.  Not so with oils or pastels.

Also glad to sell a regular print of "Reaching Out" which is one of my nude drawings.  I am so glad my nudes are well received.  I think they are elegant and tasteful.

Last Friday we were in heavy traffic when a car jerked in front of us causing my husband to break to keep from hitting it.  The car had a covered tire on the back that had the words The Good Life on it in fun playful letters.  My husband said they should add, Especially when I am getting ahead by cutting you off.

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