Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sold Two More Prints and He can not eat Bologna

I am so pleased to sell two large canvas prints of two beautiful Virginia mountain scenes.  The original Reflections on the James River is a featured painting in my current show, A Naturalist's Legacy in Blacksburg, VA.  The original painting of Near Purgatory was sold the first time I exhibited it.  It is great to be able to sell prints of these favorite mountain scenes my husband researches for birds and butterflies.  My husband has introduced me to many wonderful vistas on the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounding areas.  Most of my paintings are based on these places.  He is a well known naturalist in the New River Valley and has dedicated his life to educating all age groups about wildlife and conservation of his homeland.

My husband's dietary problems are always the topic of conversation in a crowd.  Most people are not familiar with fructose intolerance and are surprised to find out there are people that can't tolerate most fruits and most vegetables.  Everyone asks him what he can eat.  At the Super Bowl the subject came up and a friend was naming foods and asking if he could eat them.  She was going down the list and when she got to bologna(some people spell it baloney) her son said my husband can't eat bologna because he is full of bologna so that would make him a cannibal.  What a comment and he can not eat bologna because of the additives.

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