Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Naturalists Legacy and There goes that Show

My next show will be centered around my naturalist husband and his efforts over the years to educate people about this beautiful mountain region of Southwest Virginia many people call the Blue Ridge Mountains. Actually, only a small part of these Appalachian mountains are the Blue Ridge but I think the name has taken over due to the beautiful blue color that is so prevalent in the distant ranges. My husband has been working since the 70's to educate people about this wonderful region. He has led countless hikes, Christmas Bird Counts, Hawk Watches, and programs on the birds and butterflies he has been studying most of his life. The show will have a symbolic portrait of him and our son, Alan, when he was a baby. The painting is a new painting done from an old photograph. He has worked with all ages and will continue to work with all ages to preserve his home region.

When I told my self-effacing husband that this show would be about him and would include his portrait and many of the places he does his research, he said, "Well, there goes that show!"

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