Thursday, December 22, 2011

Uploading, Uploading, Uploading and Not Expecting a Problem

I have been working hard at uploading paintings from various sources. Some are prints and some are slides and some are on negatives. Remember those things? I was very proud of myself when after about ten minutes I finally remembered how to scan slides. Not a difficult procedure but I think I am technology deficient or challenged. I have to find all the wrong ways to do something before I get it right. It takes time to find all the wrong ways so I am prone to use colorful language when working on my portfolio. Thankfully, no one is home right now. It is great to see a painting looking right in my portfolio. Just wish I could move faster.

I like to add humor to my blog if possible and my main source is the character I married. I try to think of things myself but I am not anywhere near as good as he is. Writers are like that. They tend to watch birds and are dangerously funny. One of these days I am going to require oxygen or someone will have to call 911. I hope that when we are old he will make me laugh to death. I say ridiculous things all the time in an effort to goad him into saying something funny. Works all the time. Today he said goading him for humor is like mining for uranium and not expecting a problem. I know it is quirky humor. But I love it!

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