Monday, November 18, 2013

Sold Three More Best Sellers and L.D...

I am so pleased to sell prints of favorite paintings over and over again!  A few days ago another print of A Break in the Clouds, Blue Ridge Jewels, and Wildflower Current went to a great patron in Alexandria, VA!  Wildflower Current is the only painting of the three that is still available and I hope someone decides to buy the original.  It is a stunning painting with exquisite color contrast and flowing motion.  I'm sure I will sell many more prints of it in the future.

Just finished another Kendall Expression and uploaded one of my favorites, Lion Explosion, to Zazzle.  Galloping Red is a wonderful swirl of energy and it has been uploaded to Fine Art America and Zazzle.  As I have mentioned before,  I love to work with red/green contrast and this is an excellent example of my preference.  The galloping motion of the horse is echoed throughout the painting with intense, expressive brushwork.

A few days ago I was talking to my husband about my personal way of learning.  I have a photographic memory but there were times in school when I thought I was taking longer than most of the other students to understand a concept.  Once I fully understood something I had it cold.  Since this is typical of students with one form of learning disability I told my husband I may be a little L.D.  He said, you mean Luscious Dreamboat?  Now that's a smart husband!  He's a keeper!

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