Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sold another Print and This time I will be on TV...

 So glad to sell another print to a great patron in Riner, VA.  This sale was of a cabin at Clayor Lake in Dublin, VA.  Beautiful place!

I am pleased that my drawing,"Reaching Out" is beautifully displayed on Fox's The Mindy Project but now I am very excited  that I will be on My19 out of Roanoke, VA.  Joy Sutton contacted me to ask me to be on her show, The Hour of Joy, which has been renewed for another season.  My appearance will be taped January 26th and the tentative air date is April 3rd.  They are going to set up some of my paintings on easels.  I hope I don't trip!

I was looking at some old photos online of girl in the 40's and thought they looked great!  They didn't look like they hadn't eaten in a week like a lot of models do these days.  Slender is fine but I think we have taken it to extremes.  My husband said if one of those models saw a potato chip in a room they would run out screaming!  I think girls should be allowed to eat just like guys.

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