Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Hate this Part of the Conversation and I did not like her Hair

Paintings talk back. I always start out with a plan but somehow the painting always takes over and starts telling me what to do. Then I get to the point where it seems successful except for a few things that are bugging me. This is always the worst part of the conversation. Many paintings are in danger of being destroyed at this stage so many painters put them away for a while and then decide if it is truly done.

Usually the parts that seem so wrong don't seem like much at all after some time has elapsed. I always try to let paintings live. I destroyed a lot of good paintings when I didn't understand this part of the process. Got to tear myself away and work on something else.

I was looking at my students evaluations and wondering, like a lot of other college teachers, how did we get to the point where students tell us if we are effective teachers? I don't understand what their qualifications are for evaluating me? I get great evaluations but I know of very tough, demanding teachers that get poor ones. I don't think my course is easy but perhaps it is. I hope my high evaluations are for what I teach and not how difficult the course is.

I tease students about this all the time. I tell them that when they have an advanced degree, have taught on the college level, have a family, and work in the community then they can tell me how good a teacher I am. I also tease them about the written comments. Students give great criticism. I didn't like her hair. They always laugh on that one.

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