Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Better Day in the Studio and Why My Marraige Works

Yesterday I arm wrestled a painting down. Still not happy about it but it is much better. Now is the time to let it live for a while and then see if I want to go back into it. I'm back on the balance beam but still shaky. Painting will drive me crazy if I let it. I refuse to let that happen. Too much else to do.

New promotion on one of my favorite paintings, "Marsh View, Pawleys Island"! I have 20"x24" canvas prints for sale until June 18th. The price is $136.00 which is about 30% off. Just check out the Limited Time Only section on

My husband and I figured out why we hardly ever argue. I never listen to what he says and he never listens to what I say. Just a joke! Love you, sweetie!

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