Friday, June 10, 2011

Sale of Blue Ridge Morning and My Screetching Dog

Sold another print yesterday! A great patron from Providence, Rhode Island, bought a framed print of Blue Ridge Morning. It is great to be appreciated! I live in such a beautiful region of Virginia. My father used to tell me that when he flew he was always impressed with how beautiful Virginia looked from the air. I try to stay out of airplanes but both of my parents loved to fly. I never tire of trying to capture beauty. I agree with Georgia O'Keefe that it isn't possible to really reproduce anything but it is such an exciting experience to try. Of course, I am also adding my own expression into the work which adds intense emotion to the painting.

I have, for some time now, been working on updating my images for reproduction. Since I have to take the work outside I have to have the right light and weather conditions. It is tedious work and my dog has figured out a way to make it an extremely aggravating experience. I have to put her in the pen and it is too hot so she cries the whole time I am working. I tried tethering on the shaded car port and she cried anyway. Yesterday I tethered her to a tree in the shade that was near me and she squealed. I have had it for a while! I am waiting for cooler weather to continue. Such is life!

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