Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Day of Special Promotion and No Screetching Dog on Monday

Don't miss out on buying one of my three most popular prints at a greatly reduced price today! My work will light up any space. Over the years I have received numerous compliments from patrons regarding their purchase. One patron has my still life in her kitchen and she says it brings her so much joy as she begins her day.

I am so excited about my current painting. I am working on a simple rose study that won't be simple when I am done with it. It will reach out to the viewer with so much exciting color and texture that people will want to touch it. That is my favorite compliment. I want to touch your paintings. My paintings have exquisite surfaces with intense, emotional brushwork. The painting here is Bull Mountain.

Tomorrow my sweet, old dog will be at the groomers all day so I can work on photographing my work. I put her in the shade and she squeals and cries until I am done. I guess she just can't stand to be tethered anymore. She will feel a lot better when she gets that coat shaved. I don't think she will be around much longer. She is a very old dog that still acts like a puppy.

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