Thursday, June 9, 2011

Special Promotion on Three Favorites and Good-bye Goats and Chickens

Right now I have three of my most popular prints at a greatly reduced price here on FAA. Just go to the Limited Time Only section above. "Breakers at Pawleys Island" and " A Break in the Clouds" are on page one. "A Pair" is on page two. Just four days left! My artwork will light up any home or office. One patron emailed me to tell me that when she and her husband divorced, my painting was the only thing they fought over!

As I said in the last post, the neighbor down the street in this suburban neighborhood has goats and chickens. I'm still painting to the sounds of screaming babies, noisy children, boisterous neighbors, screeching cars, goats, and chickens. The neighbor is moving so I won't have nyaah, nyaah or cluck, cluck, cluck anymore. I must say, baby goats are so cute and the chicken crossed our street to peck around in our yard. What a hoot! Or, should I say, what a cluck!

Also, check out my recent upload of "Bluestone Lake"!

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