Saturday, March 12, 2011

Living with Autism the sale of Color Blast and the sales of two glicees

As any parent of an autistic child knows, it isn't easy living with mental illness. My husband and I love our son and always will but some days are so hard when he is extremely difficult to communicate with. I wish someone would find a cure for this illness. I do not agree with people that think there is nothing wrong with autism and the only problem is that the rest of us view it as a disorder. It is a handicap and I doubt whether he will be able to successfully live on his own. I'm not asking for sympathy. It is just good sometimes to vent a little. He is a good person and he does the best he can with his lot in life and we will continue to assist him until we are no longer around to do so.

I am so glad I am an artist. Everyday I am excited about whatever time I have to work at my art. It is such a wonderful experience and I love making part of my living at my sales. I will never give up on making it my only job but for now all sales are great. Recently, I sold the original painting entitled "Color Blast". This past week two giclees of Pawley's Island were sold to a patron in South Carolina. My visitors have doubled in the last few months and I look forward to future sales but the most important thing is to paint which I will be doing tomorrow morning as soon as the dishes are done.

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