Sunday, January 30, 2011

Classes and the Sale of Wildflowers Near Fancy Gap

I am so pleased to have more freedom this semester as I only have two classes. It is great to have more time to work at what I live to do. I get depressed if I can't keep up my painting schedule. The process is much more complicated than the average person realizes. It isn't just a matter of picking up a brush when inspiration strikes. Art is an intense discipline and I can't go more than one day with out losing something that pertains to the particular technique I am using for each work. I have been building on a style that is unique to me even though people can see similarities to various established styles. I lose something and gain something with each painting. I have learned over the years how to let them live and not work them to death.

Control and accident. I have said this before but I think one has to be a serious painter to truly understand this difficult balancing act. As Dorothy Gillespie once said to me in so many words, "Painters always have this feeling that they are falling off a cliff when working." It is a job that is only partly thought out. The rest is a leap of faith.

As always I am so pleased that I recently sold one of my favorite paintings. "Wildflowers Near Fancy Gap" is one of my favorite paintings and I know the patron greatly appreciates it.

Currently I have paintings on ebay and always on ebay classified for Blacksburg, VA
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