Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to Pastels

I decided a while ago to take some of my black and white figure drawings from years ago and re-interpret them in color. I have wanted to get back to my second medium which is soft pastels. Most artists work in more then one medium but oil paint is the one I married for life so it is tricky working in what some call a drawing medium. I prefer to call pastels painting without a brush.

It is such a direct medium that it is tempting to simplify the technique when it is just as complicated as any other medium. One great thing about pastels is they are extremely forgiving. I love being able to change my mind without waiting for it to dry like oil paint. I am pleased with the somewhat electric effect I have achieved so far. I think I am close to done and will post it soon.

Here is another painting, "Blue Ridge Mountain" from my current show at Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea in Blacksburg, VA. The show will be there until January 15th.

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