Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scammers Working Harder and Harder to get my Money and You have to eat the Box...

Scammers are working so hard to get my money.  I get a bunch of the- give me your address, I will send you a certified check, and my private shipper will get the painting scams, every day.  I know I shouldn't respond but I send them this to shut them up which usually works.  I only take Paypal and I do not accept any kind of private shipping arrangements.  If you give me your address, I will mail it UPS after the money has been transferred from my Paypal account into my banking account which takes about four days.  Now some of them are saying all right, I will put the money in your account and send my representative to pick it up.  I'm not clicking on any of them from now on.  Scammers are so easy to spot and I'm not talking to them anymore.

One commercial my husband is so sick of is the one that claims eating a certain kind of breakfast cereal will help people lose weight.  These cereals are so light you could have a grocery bag full and not think anything was inside. They are balloon grains you can put on your newspaper and still read it.  They are so light that you would have to eat the paper it comes in and the box before you felt like you had anything to eat. Sure you lose weight.  You didn't eat anything.

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