Saturday, July 21, 2012

Something Completely Different and They are on Parade...

I am pleased to introduce my non-objective work.  Most people call this type of art abstract.  I don't care what people call it, I just hope they will have a great visual experience  when viewing them.  Most of my life I have been painting representational oil paintings so these paintings are something completely different for me and I am pleased with them.  They are in a new gallery on my website called The Center of my Mind.  These paintings are my unique expressions of color and texture that I put into all my artwork. But these don't have any recognizable objects so the viewer either likes them for how they appear as artwork, or they don't like them. Their decision is based on the visual arrangement rather than on what they like to see.  We all have visual biases.  Artists call this kind of artwork music without words.

I will be adding two more soon.

The ants are on parade again.  No matter what I do they stream in and go about their business.  I have ant traps out.  I make sure all crumbs are up and food is put in a plastic bag and taken outside.  I have tried natural remedies.   The only thing I have not been able to do is convince my guys to not put anything in the trash that was with-in a yard of food.  I've done everything, Mom, but they are still here!  I have decided to give up.  I just wave at them and I think some of them wave back.  I don't even check to see if they have their green card. We are one with the ants.
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