Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sold Another Print of Reaching Out and New National Holiday!

Just sold another print of "Reaching Out" to a great patron in Universal City, CA.  This is now my number one best seller.  "A Break in the Clouds" is second.

I am pleased to add the last of my three new large paintings.  I love the shore and wish I were there right now.  This painting was based on a morning photograph I took under unusual atmospheric conditions that I enhanced in the painting.  This painting is a celebration of color and brushwork that has a mesmerizing quality about it.  The light is moving in and out of a hazy morning and the warm/cool color relationships are like jewels shimmering on the surface. The painting has a visual energy that seems to burn from with-in.  As I mentioned before I have been told by many artists and patrons that my work is like that of Van Gogh's work because of the burning intensity in the colors.  I do greatly admire the effect he got with his impasto layers.  It is stunning.

There are so many political campaign commercials on right now that it is becoming extremely tedious.  My husband and I are so tired of them.  We can hardly get to the mute button fast enough.  We have decided that this country can add another Holiday and call it National Hot Air Day.  It can be celebrated with fog horns the day before the election and the day after.

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