Friday, July 13, 2012

Check out my Best so Far! and If a Small Dog can do it...

Out of the three large paintings I just completed, "Isle of Palms Sunset" is my favorite.  More than ever before I have brought nature indoors.  This is an extremely intense vista of the canal side of the beach where the water was lit up with the sunset.  My exuberance is in every brushstroke and every color nuance.

Lately on TV there is an advertisement for some sort of mesh to attach to doors so people won't let the bugs in while they go in and out of the house.  It is done with magnets and the manufacturers proudly show a small dog going through the mesh and then it closes back.  My husband said if a puny little dog can open that mesh then I bet three mosquitoes could hold it open while a whole hoard flew in the house.  Don't think so but he sure did paint a funny picture for me with those words.  Who is the artist in this family anyway?  Writers sure can do amazing things with words.

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