Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sold two more Prints and We may have to give in...

Sold two more prints and I am pleased that this is the first time for both of them.  I hope patrons will broaden their selections so more and more of my work is reproduced and enjoyed.  I am in nineteen states, Canada, Germany, and Australia right now.  The recent prints have been to California and Virgina where I already have  a lot of prints and originals.  As I have said before I want to cover the world!

A while back I mentioned that we did not have cable but finally gave in when the digital take-over took away our stations.  I never thought we would give in but we do want some channels, especially PBS.  I have always dis-liked air conditioning for many reasons.  The main one is if you have air conditioning then you don't ever want to go outside.  If you don't have it you get used to the heat.  The other reason is I am such a cold person that for everyone to be comfortable I have to freeze or bundle up.  I think this summer has changed my mind.  We have active solar but are thinking of getting a heat pump to use for the dog days.  I told my husband the other night that it was so hot I wished I had a valet and maybe he could do that for me.  He said he could be a varmint or a vagrant but never a valet.  Talk about a crazy request.  I guess the heat is getting to me.

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