Friday, July 6, 2012

Artists have Trouble Washing their Hair and You probably will run out...

When I was in college I remember one of my professors talking about one of his professors who was extremely dedicated to creating excellent art.  He was so involved with his artwork that his hair was hardly every combed.  His life was a frenzy and he lived to paint, a phrase I use to describe myself.  Back then I was dedicated but I didn't live to paint.  Now I understand what that man went through.  There just isn't enough time.  Art is a jealous lover and the thought of washing my hair is a real pain. I get to it but there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I wonder if I will ever stop saying I need more hours.  Oh well, got to wash my hair.

As I have said before, I try to include something funny and I mostly rely on my husband for humor.  Sometimes I come up with something but most of the quips are his.  I write them down so I won't forget them and I am ahead of schedule right now.  I mentioned that to him but I also told him to keep them coming as I may run out.  He said I probably would run out on him because he is punning me to death.  Not so!  I love puns!

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  1. I had a chance to combine my two loves in life recently and had a two weeks' holiday in wonderful France, to which I had been before, and had loved so much. I took a little Renault rental car and headed off from Paris, to the Palace of Versailles, to Chartres then southward to sunny Provence, via the Auvergne region, with the Songs of the Auvergne playing repeated on the CD player.
    Magnifique, comme toujours. I saw many art galleries and followed the footsteps of artists, like poor Vincent Van Gogh.
    Back home all too soon, I ordered a canvas print from Wahooart, choosing this painting by Cézanne, to remember my trip by.

  2. That is great that you visited France! So glad you had a great time and purchased a canvas print that you like. Cezanne is one of my favorite artists. Sorry to be slow about responding but I get bogged down and forget to check some things. I hope you will visit my portfolio sometime at