Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Check out my New Painting and Yeah Baby!

I have been working hard on three large paintings that I have finally decided to cry uncle on.  I like them and got most of what I was after, but as always, they are never good enough.  They will look a lot better later.  I am now immersed in what some artists call "Pure Art".  Representational art has always been my thing but this is a great experience to just react to the colors, textures, and forms for their own sake and not referring to objects in the real world.  Music without words!

This first painting is "Summer Trail".  This is loosely based on a photograph I took of a grass path and wildflowers at Rock Castle Gorge on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I am very pleased with the surface quality of this painting and the intricate small brushwork.  What can I say?  I hope people will appreciate it.

I play the piano every day.  It is just part of who I am.  My family has a lot of artists and musicians and I was privileged to spend a lot of my time growing up with both of them.  As I have said before I like all kinds of music but I especially like classical. Baroque music flips me out and I love to play it.  The other day I was playing a very energetic piece by Handel with a loud, strong finish.  When I was done my husband said Yeah Baby!  I really felt the energy in that one.  Not, I don't like classical music, too many notes, or just sounds like noise to me, but Yeah Baby!  Now that is what a pianist wants to hear!

Be sure to check out my specials of Fine Art America in the Limited Time section.  I will have three up by Thursday.

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